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1/35 Russian Uran-6 Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

1/35 Russian Uran-6 Remote Mine Clearing Vehicle

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Foxhopp Models is pleased to offer the first ever model kit of the Uran-6.

This premium kit has moving parts and is easy to assemble. Printing and detail is of the utmost quality ensuring a trouble-free, enjoyable modelling experience and a high quality end product.

It also allows the modeller to explore the often overlooked topic of landmines, the problems they pose and the role they play in modern warfare, something which is becoming increasingly relevant due to events in the Ukraine.

Derived from the reknowned Croatian DOK-ING MV-4, the Uran-6 is a Russian remote mine clearing vehicle developed and produced by the Nakhabino 766th Directorate for Production and Technological Equipment in Moscow.

It can be fitted with a number of attachments allowing it to perform a variety of tasks. It has been used in Syria for mine clearing and is currently in use with Russian forces operating in the Ukraine.

The products below are in widespread use in the Ukraine conflict and could be coupled with the Uran-6 for a diorama;

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